Valbiz V8 is here!

Fair and flexible
property-centric software
for New Zealand valuers

Valbiz V8 is the latest representation of our valuer specific software, first released in late 1995.
V8 doubles the data feeds providing both Property and Sales record updates and includes QuickMap aerials and maps as standard. You can add your own information, documents & photos as well as track, manage & invoice your clients, reducing risk of conflicts of interest.
Valbiz V8 is the complete valuation information management tool






Valbiz V8 Professional is bigger and better. There’s now up to date and detailed property information available for every property in your subscription area and we’ve made those easy to find with pre emptive address searches. This is in addition to our traditional feed of settled sale records. We have provided you with your own property centric database with automatic Property information updates direct from the Local Authorities. That’s more detailed council information, including a history of RVs, than any other system on the market.

You can still add your own information or your own take on a property, which makes it the most flexible as well as the most comprehensive property and sales database available in New Zealand.

To complement your new Property records Valbiz V8 Professional also provides free dynamic access to aerial and map images for each Property, delivered up to date from New Zealand’s most successful and widely used geospatial package, QuickMap, and that’s regardless of whether or not you’re an existing QuickMap user.

Job Management, tracking and invoicing are now included at the ValBiz V8 Professional level. Combined with Document and Photo storage and complementary cloud hosting you can retain all your key information together in your own Property centric database. Capture your company’s IP in one place for future use and for everyone in your firm to benefit from, at the same time avoiding conflicts of interest. To add to all this our reporting and system outputs are getting better and better all the time and our default reporter comes with engagement letter templates as well as Core Logic and Valocity templates as standard.

So even at this base ValBiz V8 Professional level we have more than doubled the amount of data that we send you and provided you with a package you can now use to manage your jobs and clients.

Headway Cloud based Valbiz Hosting is now complementary and covers backups, upgrades & technical support. All you have to do is use it!



Valbiz Analyst expands the core of Valbiz Professional, incorporating powerful Sales & Rental Analysis tools, giving your business the competitive edge.

All features of Professional and:

  • Powerful Residential Sale & Rental A Break down Sales and Rentals into their component parts and use powerful search tool to quickly assemble comparables based on those attributes.
  • Industry specified Commercial Sale & Rental Analysis including multiple Analysis Summary Report output reports options complete with photo’s.
  • Rural Sale & Rental Analysis functionality including the ability to ‘cluster’ properties to represent actual farm blocks
  • Build Cost Analysis – calculate Insurance/Rebuild costings



Valbiz Enterprise is the ultimate workhorse to complete your valuation practice.  With all Professional & Analyst features, Enterprise provides everything required to drive your business to the next level.

All features of Professional & Analyst and:

  • Creditor management
  • Full Accounting package (Debtors & Creditors, GST & Financial Statements)
  • Comprehensive security & reporting features empowering practice managers.
Get all type of routes,
maps & support
  • Find Comparable Sales
    Custom route creation
  • Your own personal Property Database and Reporting Tools
  • Automatic Daily updates of Sales and Property Records
    Custom group creation
  • QuickMap Property Maps and Aerials included
  • Track and manage all Jobs and avoid conflicts of interest
  • Invoice Clients and manage Debtors
  • Analyse Sales and generate Summary Reports with images
  • Record, manage, search and report on Rental Analyses
  • Manage all financial administration
  • Commission management and reporting
per month $90 per month $100
Get 1 month
free trial
  • Free routes & directions
  • Basic web route creator
  • Android and ios app
per month $20 per month $30
Unlimited routes
with GPX
  • Run unlimited routes
  • Maps & Print directions
  • Export GPX
per month $50 per month $60
Get all type of routes,
maps & support
  • Custom route creation
  • Custom group creation
  • Support
per month $90 per month $100


Valbiz requires a minimal footprint on your PC. As the database is run on our hosted platform, you are required to install a thin client application to connect to your database.


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista


  • Works in 64bit & 32bit environments
  • Microsoft Windows C++ 2013 update 4 – minimum
  • .NET 4.X components – minimum
  • Minimum internet connection of ADSL or 3G, however VDSL, 4G or Fibre recommended


Valbiz Version 8 doubles your data feed by adding Property information updates alongside your sales updates. It also includes QuickMap map and aerial images as standard and bundles together many features that were historically add-on's you had to pay extra for. We also take the opportunity to move to a monthly fee structure and to optimize your systems performance by offering complementary Valbiz hosting
Here’s what’s new in ValBiz Version 8:
  • Double the data – Property updates are now automatic as well as sales updates
  • New Property screens with RV history and more council detail than any other provider
  • QuickMap aerials and maps are not better integrated and included as standard
  • Job Tracking and Invoicing capability is now included in the base monthly charge
  • The Document and Photo Manager is now included in the base monthly charge
  • Hosting is now provided complementary from Headway Systems
  • New pre-emptive property searching and fire service suburb searching introduced
New Add-ons currently in development:
  • property image feed add on.
  • Vendor Purchaser Add-on
  • Unsettled Sales Feed Add-on
Yes. Historically Valbiz has only been updated with sales records. From Version 8 council property data will also be automatically delivered, providing you with up to date council property records for your subscription area. This will include new builds, newly created subdivisions and GV updates.
A new predictive address search will be provided to make it super quick to find a specific Property record and all it's historic council information. Also in addition to Localities, Suburbs have been overhauled so we can introduce up to date Suburb searching, (based on the 'Fire Service Suburbs').
Valbiz Version 8 will be complementary hosted by Headway Systems. The extremely popular Document and Photo Manager will also be included as standard. Job Tracking, Invoicing and Debtor Management are included as standard and everyone will be given access to the Reporter for no extra charge. For a single user this represents $663 p/a of giveaways.

As standard we supply both Valocity and Core Logic Clearing House approved templates. You can build your own as well however we suggest that the Report Writer is more suited to simple formats.

It may be the case that you use it for the majority of your work and use your old word template approach for unusual or more complex valuations.

For a fee we are able to design and implement your own personalised Report template.

This will be done by us so no need for you to do anything other than decide to adopt Valbiz Version 8, whereby our technical team will contact you to organise your new or migrated system.
Council District Valuation Roll (DVR) Property data feeds are now included but also updated Suburb (Fire Service) data for searching. QuickMap aerials and Map images of a property come as standard.
In general the data starts from December 2013 although it varies slightly from Council to Council.
Most Councils supply either weekly or fortnightly property updates with a few supplying them monthly.
Yes. This will be displayed on the 'Council Details' tab on the property screen.
Yes, the update will overwrite the data held on the 'Council Details' tab on the property screen. Don't fret however, each property update will produce a new line on the property records new GV History Table so you can see the properties history of changes.
Not at this time. GV History records are currently read only. If there is a demand for this we will consider introducing this capability in a later version.
On migration to Valbiz V8 a copy of your pre V8 Property record is created and made easily available to you on the Properties 'Alternate Details' tab. You can still generate a Property Report based on this Archived information. The Properties main 'Council Details' tab will show automatically updated council data only.

If there is an issue with the description of a property please let us know about it so we can raise it with the relevant council to be corrected. If you change something on a Version 8 Valbiz Property record 'Council Details' tab and not inform the council of their error, they will keep sending out the same mistake which will overwrite your correction in Valbiz.

However you can go to the Property records 'Alternate Details' tab and press the 'Copy Council Detail' button (copies over whats in the 'Councils Details' tab), then make changes to that information to enable whatever you wish to be immediately included in your Reports.

If you migrated from an earlier Valbiz release this tab will be populated with your earlier Valbiz versions property details including changes you have made, and have the name "Alternative Details (Archived)". After the first time you press the 'Copy Council Detail' button, the name of the tab will change to "Alternative Details" as your archived property has now been overwritten

As long as you used the correct Roll / Assessment / Suffix then that record will be linked with the latest DVR details and the details you added will be available in the Properties 'Alternative Details' tab.

If you have loaded a property with an incorrect Roll / Assessment / Suffix, then the property status will be marked as 'Unspecified (X)' and will look like a cancelled property as it cannot be linked to an active DVR record.

You can go to the Property records 'Alternate Details' tab and press the 'Copy Council Detail' button (copies over whats in the 'Councils Details' tab), then make changes to that information to enable whatever you wish to be immediately included in your Reports.

If you migrated from an earlier Valbiz release this tab will be populated with your earlier Valbiz versions property details including changes you have made, and have the name "Alternative Details (Archived)".

All imaged in your system prior to upgrading to V8 will still be available after the upgrade. They may however have been optimised to allow speedy transfers via our hosted services.
This gives you a better general location of the property compared with Localities and will give more accurate searching options. The collection of properties within each suburb has been defined by the NZ Fire Service.
Yes there will be. The system is still Valref centric so each Valref/cross lease, will have it's own property record.
This will work the same as in earlier releases. Sub Properties are only really needed when analysing elements of a Valref, eg a one of several retail outlets within a single Property (Valref).
Earlier Valbiz releases had the ability to cluster together a group of Valrefs so the resultant 'Cluster Property' (collection of properties) can be analysed. This may be used to represent a farm which crosses multiple Valrefs. This functionality will not change in V8.
The correct ones! The ones currently used by Auckland Council, however any historic ones will also be available, listed in an Alt Roll & Alt Assessment/Suffix to you on that property record and can be searched on in the Key Field Search.
QuickMap will provide an aerial and a map of each property. In the near future we expect an add on to be made available whereby listing images from will also be show on a property record. Additionally the Photo Manager has been bundled into the product as standard so you can now hold as many images as you like against a property record.
Yes. The old Property reports have been revamped and improved and now include the new information available.
In general no we don't think that will be necessary. We have tried to make the new Property features intuitive. If you plan to use the job tracking and invoicing capabilities for the first time please let us know and we can help configure you system with you. We have How To's to show you how to set up jobs (Matters) and Debtors as well as generate an invoice. If you decide to use the Reporter for the first time, we may need to spend a little time with you (remotely) getting you familiar with its operation.

In most cases yes. This is the best way to ensure your unique Valbiz system is in an environment that provides peak operating performance for all our users. We will manage all data updates, software upgrades and database backups for you.

If you have a unique environment and still wish to host your own database please contact us so we can accommodate you.

Yes you can. This is available on a property by property basis and not a bulk download.
All council provided property related data will be loading into your hosted Valbiz including rating data as it’s released by the councils. The most recent rating information will be shown on the Property 'Council Details' tab with the history shown on the 'GV History' tab with most recent at the top.

Many do, however sometimes records can be sent that have '0' bedrooms recorded when historical data had populated this field in your database. To manage this we have had to come up with a set of rules which are:

If a property has no record for bedrooms, and is supplied with bedrooms – update with newly supplied information

If a property changes category to RV, RB & RM, LV, IV or CV – the number of bedrooms can be removed

If a property is not RV, RB & RM, LV, IV or CV and an update comes in with 0 or blank bedrooms, do not update

If a property is not RV, RB & RM, LV, IV or CV and an update comes in with a number of bedrooms greater, or lesser than what is currently held, but is not 0 then update to newly supplied information

No. Headway pays for a general license that allows us to display the a map and aerial with boundaries within your database.

There will be a small monthly fee to access the anticipated images when the shortly become available.