Valbiz V8 is here!

Fair and flexible
property-centric software
for New Zealand valuers

About Valbiz, the story…

Since 1996 in an ever changing Valuation industry with ever changing technology, Valbiz and its predecessors have been the reliable go to source for Sales data.
Analysis, Job management and Document storage capabilities followed.
Now Valbiz Version 8 is integrated with multiple data sources to provide a Practice with their own, up to date Property database and an end to end business solution.

Headway Systems was born in the 1990’s out of an idea from the late Ted Fitzgerald and a desire by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers to protect the business critical supply of Property Sales data to their members.
Ownership was and has remained 50% NZIV, who contributed their own fledgling database, and 50% interested members, who were willing to front up with some development money.

Valpak was born as the means to manage the distribution of Council Sales data to the Valuation profession.
Information was posted out every fortnight, firstly on microfiche and then on floppy disc, for the manual loading into the ‘blue screened’, DOS based, Valpak 2 and 3 systems.

The late Ted Fitzgerald

Valpak 4 was the Windows version of the product and 2005 saw the arrival of mapping integration with QuickMap as well as the Valbiz brand, with the introduction of optional Job management and Sale and Rental Analysis features.

After years of consultation with the industry via the Valbiz Users Group and a need to speed up and automate data downloads, 2007 saw a major evolution of the product with the release of Valbiz Version 6.
It brought with it better QuickMap integration and Sales search features, rewritten Commercial and Rural Analysis functionality and multiple report and invoice templates to choose from.

In 2009 we began a move into the cloud and started to offer Valbiz Hosting. The take up of this service has increased steadily over time and hosting is now bundled into our standard service.
The database remains for your Practice’s eyes only, but we look after it and all its updates and upgrades, so you don’t have too.
More feedback, more improvements and solutions followed.
In the interim we staved off Industry and Data Supply threats and emerged on the other side with exciting new strategic partnerships, strongly positioned for the future.

In 2017 the Valbiz product series was supercharged with the introduction of Valbiz V8 and the arrival of Property data to add to the automatic Sales data updates.
Integration with the QuickMap geo-spatial property data was introduced as standard with many add on features being bundled into the standard package.
Valbiz V8 has been updated to ensure it can provide a Valuation Practice with a safe and secure data hub for their intellectual property and an efficient way to manage their business for decades to come.